I've been so busy lately between adjusting to the new job and work schedule that I haven't had much time to write, but I'm hoping to post some stories to celebrate the New Year. And hey, maybe 2011 will be the year I finally manage to wrap up my WIPs.

sga_santa is posting now, woo! I love the fic that I was given, in which a bored and scheming John gets his team to break him out of quarantine, right over here.

Here are the stories that I wrote for [community profile] sga_kinkmeme. Or at least *cough*, the ones I'll admit to.

Command : Jennifer/Sam, authority figures, PG-13

Tight : John/Rodney, corset, NC-17

Side by Side : John/Teyla, hurt/comfort, R - WARNING: Violence, Attempted Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment

After : John/Rodney, hurt/comfort, washing, PG-13
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