For the Nine Things about Oracles meme:

1. They aren’t always blind. It’s just easier that way.

2. The vase breaks every time. Maybe.

3. Umbrellas are more important than you might think.

4. The trappings, from cards to entrails, are misdirection. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t needed.

5. They will tell you a truth, not the truth. Note the difference.

6. You won’t understand what they tell you. If you think you do, you’re wrong.

7. This is important: people matter more than prophecies. Always.

8. If you ask a question, you have to pay the price. Be generous. It will cost you less in the long run.

9. Feel free to tell destiny to go fuck itself. It might even work.

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This seems so cool, but I don't understand it :( Memes have gotten so difficult nowadays.

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It's part of a bunch of poems and lists that people started writing after someone made a necklace and titled their post about it, "Nine things about oracles." It inspired people to write stuff about oracles (, and eventually there were enough to make nine sets of nine entries, which is pretty cool. You should read some of the other entries, most of them are way better than mine. Also, mine's kinda confusing because I was making references that are only funny to me, like the vase from the Matrix and the umbrellas from Minority Report and Push. *g* So, yeah, I fail at memes.


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