Hurray for same-sex marriage being made legal in Iowa and Vermont, and with DC trying to get same-sex spouses married in other states recognized in DC! \o/

[ profile] azurelunatic wrote a hilarious interpretation of the Iowa Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage over here.

The following is an informal summary of the ruling.

Dude. Even though this state has a large number of bigoted twits who want to keep the gays out of your marriage, it's still fucking unconstitutional, and you can go shove beans up your nose. Let me compare you to people who wanted to keep slavery and segregation around, and keep women from voting.

If you want to discriminate against a group, your ducks has better be very well in a row, and we're going to go right on down and show you where your ducks just ain't.

Also, on a completely unrelated and random note, I recently discovered the First Church of the Intergalactic Fruit Bat Steve, which is possibly even more awesome than Pastafarianism. Except for the stuff about the faux hawks and the high heeled flip flops. Don't judge me.

So, What Would Steve Do? Well, Steve would probably walk forward on his wee little elbows and nom a bit of fruit. But he wouldn’t be a dick about it, that’s for damn sure.


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